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System Architecture With NoSQL

This talk explores how to build and architect enterprise systems using NoSQL, in particular, using the RavenDB Document Database. Oren Eini, the founder of RavenDB, talks about modeling concerns, high availability and scale out, how to manage

RavenDB Features

RavenDB is an open source NoSQL database for .NET. This talk focuses on looking at the distinct features RavenDB has, that can take your application to the next level. It discusses the Changes API, Transformers, 2nd stage

From SQL to RavenDB in .NET

Everyone’s heard of NoSQL and document databases and this talk explores RavenDB and why you might want to use it. But changing your mindset from a relational schema is hard, so we’ll go past the buzzwords and

Lightning Introduction to 3 NoSQL Technologies

Three NOSQL techniques are presented in this talk: RavenDB, Neo4j and Riak. Each speaker has 10 minutes to show you why and how NOSQL can be used. It is not difficult. It is not frightening. It’s fun.

Advanced RavenDB

In this talk, we will discover some of the advanced features of RavenDB, from spatial queries to Google like intelligence in search.