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MySQL Workbench

This video explains why so many DBAs and developers use MySQL Workbench every day to designs, develops and administers MySQL databases.

Redis – The Hacker’s Database

This video presents Redis, a relatively new database with rich datatypes, lots of features and an amazing performance. The presentation will cover following things: * What Redis is and how it compares to other databases such as

Battle of NoSQL Stars: Amazon’s SDB vs Mongoid vs CouchDB vs RavenDB

This video dives into the target audiences and differences in NoSQL storage, how to implement them and what this NoSQL thing is all about. It discusses how SQL has limits when you get to web-scale and how

PostgreSQL versus MySQL

A comparison between the two databases presented by Ed Boyajian, the CEO of EnterpriseDB. Video Producer: NYC MySQL Group

Distributed Computing with Apache Hadoop

NoSQL databases and MapReduce algorithms help us make use of large numbers of servers in different locations to manage this data and serve users. Apache Hadoop provides open source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. Some companies