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Practical OData with and without Entity Framework

The Open Data Protocol (OData) has rapidly gained popularity as an efficient way of exposing data sources via REST services. Platform neutrality of the protocol makes it a great choice when developing both data services and clients,

Kill Your ORM

This video shows how to use the new dynamic features of C# 4 to create a data access tool that strips away the crufty constructs of traditional ORMs (Entity Framework, NHibernate) and embraces SQL head–on. See how

Setting Up Fluent NHibernate for your project

In this episode we are going to take a look at how to use setup and configure Fluent NHibernate for usage. We will focus on how to setup your database settings as well as how to get

Introduction to Nhibernate.Burrow

In this episode we are going to take a look at how to implement the NHibernate.Burrow session management library. NHibernate.Burrow is a light weight middleware developed to support .Net applications using NHibernate by providing advanced and smart

Fluent NHibernate

TheVirtual ALT.NET Google group hosted a LiveMeeting event with Chad Myers to talk about Fluent NHibernate.  Fluent NHibernate is a API that eliminates the messy XML files.  It will create the mapping files and configuration file. In