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Analyzing Billions of Data Rows

Got lots of data? So does Amaysim, a leading Australian telecom provider, with its billions of rows of data. The organization successfully empowers its small team of data analysts with self-service data analytics platforms so they can

Challenges to Designing Financial Data Warehouses

In today’s rapidly changing financial world, designing robust and durable data warehouses can be a challenge that does not always stand the test of time.

Agile Data Warehouse Design for Big Data

This talk discusses Agile Data Warehouse Design. This is a step-by-step method for data warehousing / business intelligence (DW/BI) professionals to better collect and translate business intelligence requirements into successful dimensional data warehouse designs.

How to Use Graph Databases to Analyze Relationships, Risks and Business Opportunities

Graph databases are one of the new technologies encouraging a rapid re-thinking of the analytics landscape. By tracking relationships – in a network of people, organizations, events and data – and applying reasoning (inference) to the data

Dimensional Models and Big Data Challenges

Jim Erickson interviews Chris Adamson, data warehouse specialist & consultant, about Dimensional Models and Big Data Challenges.