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Introduction to Cassandra Data Modeling

This is a crash course in the Cassandra storage model. We will start with how data is laid out on disk to understand why it’s fast for real time workloads, and finish with an introduction to CQL,

Data Modeling with MongoDB

This discussion examines the schema design insights and trade-offs using real world examples. We looks at three example applications: building an email inbox, selecting a shard key for a large scale web application, and using MongoDB to

Faking a Database Design

Many expert programmers who write complex SQL without a second thought still struggle with database design. Unfortunately, many introductory topics cause eyes to glaze over when we read “transitive dependencies” and “Boyce-Codd normal form”. When you’re done

Practical Considerations for Cassandra Data Modeling

This presentation covers the C* schema design concepts of the Cassandra database. This presentation goes in depth on the following topics schema design, best practices, capacity planning and provides real world examples.

Reverse Engineering Amazon Database Design

An introduction to relational database design using as an example.