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Where Is My Data?

A look at data storage options in Microsoft Azure cloud platform, discussing the pros and cons of each one and how to use them all together for the best results.

Azure DocumentDB

Azure DocumentDB is a fully-managed NoSQL document database service. This video demonstrates how Azure DocumentDB can integrate with your modern applications to provide a highly-scalable, queryable, and schema-free JSON-based document database solution.

Cloud-Ready Data Services

Windows Azure includes a complete set of enterprise-ready data services, including Windows Azure Storage and SQL Databases. In this demo-filled session developers will see how to can effectively use these services to develop and migrate data-centric applications

Cloud Cover Episode 28 – SQL Azure with David Robinson Part 11

In this episode you will listen to David Robinson that explains how to migrate your Access databases to SQL Azure and you will learn about deploying SQL Azure and Windows Azure services together.

SQL Azure Database: Present and Future

Learn how SQL Azure has evolved and what new capabilities are planned for upcoming versions. Hear about future RDBMS capabilities in the Cloud and the integration of SQL Azure with other services.