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Turning the Database Inside Out with Apache Samza

This talk introduces Apache Samza, a distributed stream processing framework developed at LinkedIn. At first it looks like yet another tool for computing real-time analytics, but really it’s a surreptitious attempt to take the database architecture we

Cost-efficient Data Management across Multiple Storage Tiers

Today’s data protection direction is to reduce both storage and storage overhead costs. Data can be the key to healthy organizational growth, but in order for an enterprise to prosper, the data must be managed effectively. There

Advanced ColdFusion ORM

Explore the underlying object-relational mapping (ORM) framework in ColdFusion 9. Tap into the power of Hibernate to build scalable and high-performing applications. This is a very technical session requiring advanced skills with ColdFusion.

Introduction to ColdFusion ORM

This video presents one of the most significant additions to ColdFusion development, the object-relational mapping (ORM) framework built into ColdFusion 9. Powered by the Hibernate framework, ColdFusion 9 reintroduces the rapid in rapid application deployment.

Cloud Cover Episode 28 – SQL Azure with David Robinson Part 11

In this episode you will listen to David Robinson that explains how to migrate your Access databases to SQL Azure and you will learn about deploying SQL Azure and Windows Azure services together.