Facts and Speculation About noSQL

The “no-SQL” movement seems to be growing in popularity worldwide; especially as cloud computing is becoming more widespread. It seems that many developers believe we are facing a paradigm change in respect to how we store the information from our applications. But it is quite clear that the opportunities and consequences are not quite clear for everyone as this topic is becoming more hyped up. So what is the deal about “no-SQL”? First of all, we need to understand what a database is, and what kind of services the database provides us with.

Also we need to apply lessons from history to many of the claims regarding non-SQL databases such as; you don’t need a schema when you’re not using SQL. But is this true? In this short presentation we will analyze what a database actually is and put this up towards various claims, facts and speculation surrounding the SQL/no-SQL debate.

Video Producer: Javazone Conference

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