Practices for Agile Database Development

Most application developers think the database is an impediment to agile development. This presentation shows how to apply agile practices to databases. How the data team can contribute and stay productive in today’s software development environment and to influence the software being developed long before its deployed on the database being managed by the DBA.

This video shows how to apply these practices to the database:
* Pair Programming
* Continuous Integration
* Refactoring
* Test Driven Development (TDD)
* Automated Testing
* Automated Deployment

People will get similar content in the article “Behavior Driven Database Development” written by the presenter Pramodkumar Sadalage. In this article, he shows how the BDD technique can be applied to database development and how this technique can be used to develop and design databases in an iterative and incremental way.

Video producer: Agile India Conference

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