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SQL, the Underestimated Big Data Technology

In the past decade, RDBMS related traction has moved away completely in the Java world from SQL towards JPA / JPQL, or even further, towards NoSQL. Evangelists have widely agreed that RDBMS are not “web scale”, even

Using SQL for Pattern Matching in Oracle Database

Learn how to use SQL for Pattern Matching. Row pattern matching in native SQL improve application and development productivity and query efficiency for row-sequence analysis. Recognizing patterns in a sequence of rows has been a capability that

Learning the SQL SELECT Statement

This screencast will take you thought the in’s and out’s of the SQL SELECT statement, including using the FROM, WHERE and ORDER BY clauses. Additional topics such as the TOP and DISTINCT keywords, column aliasing with AS

SQL Basics: Table Creation and Data Insert

This video demonstrates the basics of table creation and inserting data into database tables using the SQL language. You will learn how to create table(s), set primary key(s), add constraints, add foreign keys, insert data and read

SQL Locking and Transactions

This video describes how SQL locking and transactions operate in concept, and in practice (the two are not the same).