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Real World Applications with Spring Data Neo4j

Spring Data Neo4j in its 2.x version is a mature implementation of an object graph mapping framework, that both closely integrates with the Spring Framework and also offers unique modeling and querying opportunities by having chosen the

The Spring Data MongoDB Project

This talk will introduce the Spring Data MongoDB project. Spring Data MongoDB provides a feature rich library for writing MongoDB applications in Java. It builds upon the Spring Framework and as such promotes a POJO programming model

Spring Data and Distributed Database Grids

Explore Spring Data for GemFire and learn how it leverages your existing Spring Framework skills to create generic Spring style interfaces which will make it more efficient to transition to distributed data grids such as GemFire.

How to develop Big Data Pipelines for Hadoop

Hadoop is not an island. To deliver a complete Big Data solution, a data pipeline needs to be developed that incorporates and orchestrates many diverse technologies. Using an example of real-time weblog processing, in this session we

Introduction to Spring Data Neo4j

Learn how to get started with Spring Data Neo4j. This webinar covers: * Spring Data Neo4j’s features and benefits; * Spring Data Neo4j use case: Cineasts, the social movie recommendation site; * Step by step demo to