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Unit Testing for SQL Server Database Projects

Unit testing is a core fundamental aspect of application development. But unit testing can and should be utilized when developing databases as well, to verify that changes have not regressed database functionality. Visual Studio 2013 provides SQL

NoSQLUnit: Testing NoSQL Databases

Unit tests should follow the FIRST rules (Fast, Isolated, Repeatable, Self-Validated and Timely). When persistence layer is under test, fast and isolated rules are the most violated. For relational database management systems, embedded databases and DbUnit framework

Automated Testing Strategies for Databases

Learn techniques for automating tests for applications that need databases. Almost all significant applications involve some sort of database. Many challenges come up when automating tests of data-intensive applications, including test repeatability, performance, transactional integrity and parallel

NOSQL Meetup San Francisco – VPork

VPork is a utility for load testing a distributed hash table, namely project Voldemort.

SQL Injection with sqlmap

A short introduction to sqlmap. sqlmap is an open source command-line automatic SQL injection tool. Its goal is to detect and take advantage of SQL injection vulnerabilities in web applications. Find more information about this on the