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Charming Large Databases with Octopuses

You have a killer web application, hits are through the roof and your database is starting to get overloaded. Do I need to throw more hardware at the database? Should I shard it? Should I use replication?

BI Tooling with Rails

Non-technical people in companies need data, but don’t have the programming skills to get it themselves. So, it becomes your part-time job to get them data. As your company grows, this problem only gets worse. We built

Recommendation Engines with Redis and Ruby

This talk will be a case study discussing the object-oriented considerations in designing a scalable service with Ruby, how the Redis NoSQL database was a good fit for the project, and some of the painful lessons that

Fault Tolerant Data

Acute Zombielepsy has broken out, and the CDC has turned to you to store the first one million records of victims in the U.S. including the subject’s name, DNA sample, geo, etc. You must store this crucial

Postgres: the Best Tool You’re Already Using

Your fledgling social network for hedgehogs is starting to gain traction, but now new feature requests are pouring in. How you can you meet the demands of an ambitious product team within your existing stack? There’s no