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Explore Your Data

Learn how using elasticsearch, you can make sense of your data, discover and explore interesting trends in our users’ behavior, create custom dashboards for your users as well as for yourself.

Apache Cassandra & Python for the The New York Times

learn about how Apache Cassandra is used with Python in the NY Times fabrik messaging platform. This talk starts by diving into an overview of the NYTfabrik global message bus platform and its “memory” features and then

Building Data Flows with SQLAlchemy and Celery

Explore options for composing workflows using Python. In particular, we’ll explore beyond Celery’s asynchronous task processing functionality into its workflow (aka Canvas) system and how it can be used in conjunction with SQLAlchemy’s architecture to provide the

Manage Large Datasets with Python and HDF5

Are you using Python to process large numerical datasets? Over the past few years, the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) has emerged as the mechanism of choice for processing, archiving and sharing scientific datasets ranging from gigabytes to

Pony Object-Relational Mapper

Pony is an object-relational mapper. The most interesting feature of Pony is its ability to write queries to the database using generator expressions. Pony works with entities which are mapped to a SQL database.