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Using Amazon DynamoDB Effectively with PHP on AWS

Learn how to work with Amazon DynamoDB using the AWS SDK for PHP. Attendees learn about the AWS SDK for PHP including how to install and configure the SDK and how to perform operations with DynamoDB.

Read/Write Splitting with MySQL and PHP

Using MySQL replication gives you an opportunity to scale out read queries. However, MySQL replication is asynchronous so the slave may fall behind. This MySQL webinar shows the correct ways to check when the slave is safe

PHP and SQLite Magic

SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. SQLite is used in common web and mobile applications where simple SQL functions are needed. SQLite allows you to use those functions without having to

The Problem with PHP Prepared Statements

PHP prepared statements (for database access) are fantastic. Not only do they help secure your database queries, but they’re also particularly more efficient for larger products. However, there are a couple issues that appear to make these

PHP/MySQL User System: Validation

This video shows how to add validation to a registration form. We validate name, email, and password, as well as display error messages to the user. Producer: ThinkVitamin