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SQL Azure Introduction

Windows Azure SQL Database is a fully managed relational database service based on SQL Server technologies. This video provides a brief tour of Windows Azure SQL Database and shows how SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio

Neo4j in a NET world

This year, a small team of developers delivered a ASP.NET MVC app, with a Neo4j backed, all running in Azure. This isn’t in POC; it’s a production system. Also, unlike most graph DB talks, it’s not a

Using SQLite in Windows Store Apps

Learn you how to add SQLite support to your Windows Store apps. SQLite is a free open source library that provides a self-contained transactional SQL database engine. This video demonstrates how to setup a project to use

Five Things You Didn’t Know About PostgresSQL

If you’re a .NET developer, chances are you’ve worked solely with SQL Server, SQL CE, or SQLite in your day-to-day development. Some .NET developers venture over to the OSS side of things and might dabble in MySQL

Introduction to RavenDB

In this session we will give a brief introduction to the concept of a document database and how it relates to what we already know before launching into a series of code demos using the RavenDB .NET