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Past, Present and Future of MySQL and Variants

When MySQL was owned my MySQL AB it was doomed because it was a “toy” database. Soon after Sun bought MySQL AB for $1billion there was concern that MySQL was doomed at Sun…. and when Oracle bought

MySQL Performance with TokuDB

Gerry Narvaja of Tokutek discusses Performance at Scale with TokuDB. TokuDB is an open source, high-performance storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB that dramatically improves scalability and operational efficiency. TokuDB is for Big Data applications with demanding

Replacing MySQL with MariaDB

This short tutorial explains how to replace your MySQL database with a MariaDB database.

Different MySQL Forks for Different MySQL Folks

Learn the differences and similarities among Oracle’s MySQL, MariaDB, Drizzle and the Percona patchset. You will learn the coding philosophies of the organizations behind the MSQL forks and how they interact with the community, so you can

MySQL and MariaDB: Past, Present and Future

This presentation presents the history of MySQL and discusses its relationship with the MariaDB fork and their possible future.