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MongoDB and Java8

Java 8 is here and with it a set of new functionality that everyone wants to make use of with the MongoDB NoSQL database. This is a quick talk on how to make use of the features

NoSQL?!? Let’s Talk NewSQL

Enterprise Java developers moved from traditional RDBMS solutions such as Oracle Database and MySQL to NoSQL solutions such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and CouchDB to achieve elasticity, but for a hefty price: ACID properties. It seemed like a

Building Oracle NoSQL Database Applications

The database market is bursting with new technologies built especially to handle a new class of workload for applications dealing with frequent data format changes (agile production apps) or data that is semistructured (nested) in nature. Each

Data + Cloud: What Does It All Mean?

Big Data. Fast Data. NoSQL. NewSQL. We’ve experienced something of a renaissance in the storage and processing of data in the last decade of computing after years of “Relational Winter.” We’re now entering into the next phase

Cassandra, Couchbase and Spring in the Enterprise

Spring Data Cassandra brings Cassandra support to the Spring Data umbrella of projects, offering Spring Data’s familiar Repository concepts & POJO persistence. This talk will focus first on POJO persistence over Cassandra, including automatic Cassandra schema generation