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Couchbase Performance and Scalability

Couchbase Server provides a simple, distributed document store. Written in a combination of Erlang using components of OTP for clustering and supervision alongside some C/C++, Couchbase Server manages the distribution of documents across a cluster of commodity

Membase NoSQL: Clustered by Erlang

This talk shows how Membase clustering comes together, talking about the successes, design decisions and challenges encountered along the way. Membase, created by some of the top contributors to the memcached project, had a need for a

CouchDB and Erlang: Mobile and Flexible

This video introduces CouchDB and explains why it is fit for mobile devices especially due to its replication capability that can handle network connectivity problems.

Scala, Erlang, F# Creators Discuss Functional Languages

In this interview from the Erlang Factory event in London, three creators of modern functional languages — Martin Odersky, Joe Armstrong, and Don Syme — discuss Scala, Erlang and F#. Watch this video on

Damien Katz Relaxing on CouchDB

In this interview, Damien Katz talks about CouchDB, a distributed, fault tolerant, document oriented database developed by Apache Incubator. CouchDB is written in Erlang, and the database is accessed through an HTTP/JSON API. The database view engine